Creative marketing

Accomplishing marketing goals on a modest budget is possible

In previous Professional Roofing articles, I discussed evaluating sales and marketing, generating leads, and how sales and marketing can work together for success. But how can your roofing contracting company accomplish all these marketing tasks while staying within your marketing budget? There are a number of ways roofing contractors have realized success in their sales and marketing efforts while maintaining a relatively modest budget. It is all about creatively looking at your resources and using them for success.

Reviewing resources

When reviewing your resources and needs for a strong sales and marketing program, taking time to evaluate your current marketing efforts is essential. What already is in place? What talent already is in your organization that you may not be using to its full potential? What collateral material, print and digital, already have been developed and are they succeeding? Many times, companies spend a large amount of time recreating a marketing program that already may be good but just needs updating.

When evaluating resources, important areas to review include technology, networking groups and associations, vendor support, continuing education, and your marketing budget and people.