Crossing borders

NRCA works with other countries to approach global roofing industry issues

As we continue to realize how much smaller our world has become as a result of advancements in transportation, communication and technology, we take a closer look at the roofing industry. Not only do we see products and technology crossing geographical borders but we see contractors extending their bids to foreign countries and workers migrating from one country to another. NRCA recognizes the importance of commonalities on an international level with regard to material standards, worker training and technology and continues to work to increase dialogue about the global roofing industry.

NRCA action

NRCA leaders, with the guidance of NRCA's International Relations Committee, have taken an active approach in partnering with other roofing-related associations to further the cause of becoming a more unified industry across international borders.

NRCA has a strong membership base in Mexico and Canada and excellent working relationship with the Canadian Roofing Contractors' Association, as well as various regional associations in Canada. Canadian contractors have become more involved with NRCA by serving on its board of directors and participating in several of its committees.