Timothy M. Dunlap

Dunlap, president and chief operating officer of Centimark Corp., Canonsburg, Pa., with his wife, Teri; daughters, Erica (left) and Kimberly; and son, Timothy.

Professional Roofing: What is the most unusual roofing project you've performed?

Dunlap: Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa, Asheville, N.C. Two tile experts and eight to 10 crew members replaced 400,000 original clay roof tiles that had been installed in 1913. Each 13- by 6-inch (330- by 152-mm) clay tile was custom-made and -colored to ensure the new roof system exactly matched the original. The clay tiles weighed more than 1 million pounds (450000 kg), and 26 miles (42 km) of wood battens were used. The project required extensive fall protection for the crew members and consideration of the resort guests and employees.

Why did you become a roofing contractor?

My father, Edward, started Centimark in 1968 when I was 8 years old. I wanted nothing more than to be my father's right-hand man and continue his legacy and dream.

What is your favorite vacation?

Some of the best times my wife, Teri, and I have had were on company trips to the Bahamas. The trips were an incentive for Centimark management and excellent way to build teamwork and camaraderie among employees from throughout the United States.