Pravin "Paul" Shah

What is your position within your company?
I am president of Anderson & Shah Roofing Inc., Joliet, Ill.

What is the most unusual roofing project you've performed?
Reroofing Chicago's Jardine Water Purification Plant. An awareness of the building's location—next to Lake Michigan—was critical. Knowing the building was one of the largest freshwater filtration plants in the world required special care when handling the debris and material so as not to disturb the delicate operation of supplying fresh water daily to more than 5 million people. Also, the pump house roof system at the facility's north end was about 12 feet lower than the larger administration and penthouse roof system to the south. However, tear-off only was allowed on the north side because of weight restrictions on the ground along the east and west sides. A wooden bridge with rails was built to facilitate the project, and a temporary wooden north wall was built to contain dirt and debris lowered to the ground and into the trash bin.

Why did you become a part of the roofing industry?
To realize my dream of being an entrepreneur

What was your first roofing experience?
Organizing the estimates for Crowther Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc., Romeoville, Ill. I wrote a detailed report with forms and charts as part of my master's degree in business administration assignment at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb. Only an analytical engineer would find the time and interest to do such a report while eliminating routine errors made by my assistants in the 1970s.