Fernando Pérez Toledano

President of Construcciones Permell S.A. de C. V.,
Monterrey, N.L., Mexico

Pérez outside Santa Engracia Church, San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L., Mexico, with son Fernando; daughter, Paola; and wife, Claudia, holding son Andrès.

Professional Roofing: What is the most difficult roofing project you've performed?

Pérez: Insulating and waterproofing the Alcoa Plant, which manufactures aluminum rims for cars, in the municipality of Cienega de Flores, Nuevo León, Mexico. The 10-member crew applied polyisocyanurate insulation and an APP-modified bitumen membrane on the plant's 10,764-square-foot (1000-m²) roof system. Alcoa plant personnel required proof that my crew had attended a safety program and my company is licensed and insured, as well as other requirements. Being an NRCA member influenced the plant owners to give my company the project.

Why did you become a roofing contractor?

No roofing contractors could identify and fix a leak in my home's roof system. I decided to learn about roofing and waterproofing and fix it myself.