Mike Gustafson

Professional Roofing: What is the most difficult roofing project you've performed?
Gustafson: The guest house at a residence in Palm Beach, Fla. My six- to 10-member crew installed 225 squares (2025 m²) of Vermont slate on a roof with a 10-in-12 (40-degree) slope. The guest house features 25 large windows that were covered with lead-coated copper dormers we fabricated in our shop. In addition, the guest house has 75 squares (675 m²) of low-slope roof systems on which we mop- and torch-applied various modified bitumen roof systems. The main and guest houses now are on sale for $75 million.

Why did you become a roofing contractor?
My father, Tom Gustafson, was a painting contractor, and I went to work for him after college. Soon after, my father started a roofing division because it was an extension of what we already were doing.

What is your favorite stress reliever?

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
Growing my business and finding time to fulfill my family commitment.