Josh Kelly

What is your position within your company?
I am vice president and general manager of OMG Roofing Products, Agawam, Mass.

What is the most unusual roofing project of which you have been a part?
A few years ago, I visited a retail distribution center in east Texas that was severely damaged by hail. The building was filled with valuable merchandise, such as flat-screen televisions and iPods, and rain was coming through the roof. The building itself was unusual, but the picture of more than 200 people walking on the roof at the same time trying to stop the water by finding and caulking all the damage definitely was memorable.

Why did you become involved in the roofing industry?
After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and working in a bike shop in northern Virginia for a while, a friend told me about a company in New England that was growing quickly, hiring and was a great place to work. During the interview process, I met Art Jacobson, owner and founder of OMG Roofing Products. I also met a lot of other people who were working for the company and clearly happy to be part of the business. I didn't know much about roofing, but I knew I found a great opportunity so I took the job.

What was your first roofing experience?
The first project I worked was on a Sheraton hotel in Boston, right next to Fenway Park. It really gave me an appreciation for the view from the top.