Oscar M. Price III

President of All-South Subcontractors Inc., Birmingham, Ala.

Price with his wife, Sand, and children (from left to right), Bradford, Timothy, Elizabeth and Oscar, at their home in Birmingham, Ala.

Professional Roofing: What is the most difficult roofing project you’ve performed?
Price: The expansion of Cinram International Inc.’s Huntsville, Ala., plant. The company manufactures pre-recorded multimedia products. A 12-member crew performed the work during a difficult time of year—December 2000 to March 2001—which delayed its progress. Eight additional men were sent to the site for two weeks to make up the delay. The crew battled ice, frost, rain, cold temperatures and strong winds while installing an 800,000-square-foot (74320-m²) mechanically attached TPO roof system on a metal deck. In addition, because the building had to remain dry, the crew closely was monitored by an independent roof consultant who was hired by the general contractor, as well as an inspector who inspected the entire project.