Doing it all

Delta Roofing was a jack-of-all-trades when reroofing a large New England residence

The Weisberg Estate is nestled in the New England town of Bedford, N.H. The extensive property holds a 12,000-square-foot (1115-m²) main house, 8,000-square-foot (743-m²) pool house and two buildings with additional living space, including garage space for 12 cars.

When the owners, Doug and Debbie Weisberg, wanted to replace the existing worn wood cedar roof system on all the buildings, they called Delta Roofing, North Billerica, Mass., who had installed a roof system on the Weisbergs' place of business. The owners were looking for a more durable roof system that would complement the estate and property.

"We were asked to design a new roof system that would fit the environment where the property was located, which is a wooded lot, and add character to the property," says Peter Owens, president of Delta Roofing and project manager for the job. "The property had just been purchased, and the current roof system had numerous leaks. The existing siding was red cedar, which added character to the property but also created a lot of maintenance. During the design process, we decided to remove the existing cedar on the vertical knee walls and install new slate with copper accents. This would add a center architectural feature, as well as help with future maintenance."

Delta Roofing's duties included designing the new roof system, completing all the copper fabrication and installing the entire roof application.