Dollars and sense

An Illinois bank's roof system features modern materials with traditional construction

When constructing a new building, it's important for a building owner to purchase the best materials and choose the best contractors while staying within his budget. Balancing options should result in a building that fits a building owner's needs. And nobody understands balancing more than an institution that does it every day—a bank.

Crystal Lake Bank & Trust Co. N.A., Crystal Lake, Ill., balanced its options when it decided to build a branch in McHenry, Ill., about 10 miles (16 km) northeast of Crystal Lake. In 2001, the bank's administrators contacted Geudtner & Melichar Architects, Lake Forest, Ill., and asked the company to design the new branch.

Bank staff who had worked in McHenry knew what the town's residents wanted—a traditional building with employees who provide excellent customer service and products focused on making banking a better experience. The bank's administrators wanted to provide their existing and potential customers with such a bank for a reasonable sum. However, traditional building materials, such as stone, are expensive. Fortunately, Geudtner & Melichar Architects had a plan to give the branch a traditional look without spending too much money.

Fitting the bill