Embracing safety

In the roofing industry, there is a myth that productivity and safety cannot coexist—that one occurs only at the expense of the other. This notion creates competition ­­­between the two, and safety rarely wins. Because of that notion, there are many roofing company owners who simply don't understand safety.

However, many contractors also have experienced fewer lost-time incidents and lower insurance and legal costs, as well as improved their companies' long-term profits, as a result of safer work sites. The belief that safety is integral to a company's success is increasingly being accepted. But for a company to fully embrace safety, it must develop and implement a comprehensive, effective safety program.

Roofing is dangerous

We all know roofing work can be dangerous, and I haven't met a worker, foreman or contractor without a story about someone falling, being burned, injuring his or her back, or worse. Nevertheless, many experienced roofing workers think they've seen it all and know how to work safely without following a company safety plan. But industry statistics prove otherwise.