Emotional branding

Think about the products you buy and are likely to purchase again. Maybe you prefer driving a Ford instead of a Chevrolet and drinking Pepsi Cola rather than Coca-Cola. But what causes you to make these purchasing decisions? Quite possibly, it is because Dearborn, Mich.-based Ford Motor Co. and Purchase, N.Y.-based ┬ęPepsiCo Inc. have emotionally branded their products.

According to Rob Frankel, a business consultant and author of The Revenge of Brand X, emotional branding causes a consumer to make a purchasing decision that is not based on rational thinking, such as choosing a product because of a lower price. For example, you may prefer Ford because the feelings Ford Motor has evoked in you, which may include trust, excitement and glamour, emotionally connect you to Ford vehicles.

You can create an emotional connection with your customers, as well, and it does not require an enormous advertising budget. You can use your company's history, charitable contributions, a representative or other means to emotionally brand your services to consumers.

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