Fact or fiction?

Don't believe all you hear about metal roof systems and coatings

Function often supersedes aesthetic appeal when it comes to roof systems for commercial facilities. And for residential structures, many homeowners default to traditional asphalt shingles, believing them to be more practical and cost-effective than other roof coverings. But this isn't always the case. For example, metal roof systems are price-competitive, and the benefits a metal roof can provide are worth considering—especially given that demand originates almost equally from commercial and residential markets alike.

Metal roofing's expansion in commercial and residential markets, as well as increasing acceptance of metal roofing among property owners, has driven industry growth during the past 15 years, with significant growth further projected for the next three years, according to Principia Consulting, Malvern, Pa. Myths surrounding the value of metal roofing still exist, but it is time the truth is shared.

Metal roof advantages

Metal roof systems can reflect a large percentage of sunlight and quickly emit absorbed heat. According to the Metal Construction Organization, metal roof systems can last longer than most nonmetal roofing products and endure extreme weather conditions. Metal roof systems also add sustainability features. They can accommodate solar panels without requiring penetrations that may compromise roof integrity, and they contain recycled content. When finished with a proper coating system, 'cool' metal roof systems can help further reduce a building's carbon footprint, energy consumption, and cooling and heating loads.