Fighting for relief

NRCA continues to lead efforts to pass legislation to reform the federal rulemaking process

NRCA continues working to enact legislation that would address a top priority for members—providing relief from burdensome federal regulations. The House of Representatives already has approved several regulatory reform bills this year, but the ultimate test will be whether any legislation can be approved by the Senate in the current hyperpolarized political environment.

Because many members have concerns regarding the dramatic increase in federal regulations in recent years, most notably by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, NRCA remains focused on regulatory reform. Although NRCA has successfully worked with Congress to repeal several burdensome regulations under the Congressional Review Act and brought attention to other rules now being reviewed by the Trump administration, it is clear fundamental reform of the regulatory process still is necessary.

Initiating reform

The costs of regulations significantly affect the U.S. economy. In 2011, the Small Business Administration estimated the total cost of compliance with all federal regulations across the nation was $1.75 trillion annually. The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a market-oriented think tank, estimated the cost at $1.963 trillion in 2016. Although the Trump administration is expected to be less aggressive than the Obama administration with issuing regulations, NRCA intends to work with officials of both parties to reduce or prevent long-term regulatory burdens.