House approves legislation to block EPA regulations

The House Energy and Commerce Committee's Energy and Power Subcommittee approved legislation to block the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton (R-Mich.) introduced H.R. 910, the Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011. The bill has nine co-sponsors, including House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin Peterson (D-Minn.).

H.R. 910 passed March 10 on a straight party-line vote. Republicans argued for the bill, saying it is needed because EPA regulations will increase energy costs while doing little to cut global emissions. Democrats voted against the bill, arguing action is required to reduce emissions and provide incentives to develop renewable-energy sources.

The bill proposes "to amend the Clean Air Act to prohibit the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from promulgating any regulation concerning, taking action relating to, or taking into consideration the emission of a greenhouse gas to address climate change."