Human remains found in roof system

On April 23, roofing workers made a grueling discovery while tearing off a Mexican restaurant's roof system in Morton Grove, Ill. In one roof area, workers of NRCA member Nelson Roofing Co., Chicago, tore off a series of misaligned shingles, causing the plywood deck to become loose. Underneath the plywood, workers found a sheet of plastic covering several recycling containers that were duct-taped closed; some containers were filled with concrete.

Warner Nelson, president of Nelson Roofing, threw one recycling container that held yellow Tupperware and concrete off the roof. When the container hit the ground, it broke open to reveal a clenched human hand.

Nelson told The Chicago Tribune: "It was pretty gross. It was a fluke that we found it. Whoever put it there worked hard to make sure it would never be found."