Ready to hire?

With the devastation of the economy, jobs have been scarce. However, as the economy slowly recovers, it may be time to start hiring again. If you are wondering whether you are able to begin the hiring process, examine the following factors:

  • If many people on your staff are complaining about workplace conditions, it is likely they are becoming burned out and could use some help. Their burnout could cause health problems and absences, which is another sign telling you more workers are needed.

  • If you have a lot of temporary workers and a large chunk of payroll goes to these workers, it would be wise to hire some permanent workers.

  • If your staff has been working hard and you still can't meet deadlines, this probably is a sign you need more help.

  • If you constantly are asking your employees to work overtime, you may want to consider some new hires before you lose the employees you already have.

Source: Adapted from When is it time to hire more employees? as cited in The Motivational Manager, November 2003 issue.