FM creates lightweight insulating concrete program

The National Roof Deck Contractors Association (NRDCA) has established its FM Approved Lightweight Insulating Concrete Roof Deck Contractors Program with Factory Mutual (FM) Research's Approval Standard 4491, "Approval of Lightweight Insulating Concrete Roof Deck Contractors."

According to NRDCA, the standard's purpose is to improve FM Research-approved lightweight insulating concrete roof decks and the roof systems in which they are used. The program will use the standard to approve contractors who install lightweight insulating concrete roof decks. An approved contractor, or Designated Responsible Individual, must pass an FM Research written test; participate in NRDCA training; and prepare a quality-control manual, which will be inspected to determine whether a contractor can continue to be approved. For more information, contact Hubert Dudley, NRDCA's executive director, at (800) 217-7944 or visit www.nrdca.org.

FM Research has been developing a similar approval standard for roofing contractors; Professional Roofing will keep you updated about its progress. (The magazine has written about the topic in "From products to people," January 1999 issue, page 18, and "FM approval standard has been delayed," October 1999 issue, page 3.)

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