Commit to safety

Workers should know safety procedures are instituted to protect them, not frustrate them. Use the following tips to help your employees make a genuine commitment to safety:

  • Make safety an ongoing process. Emphasizing safety only when an inspection is scheduled allows workers to treat safety as a one-time bid for compliance. Workers need to know safety is a continuous responsibility.
  • Involve employees in safety decisions. Help workers view safety procedures more positively by asking for their input about how to incorporate safety procedures into their work routines.
  • Explain to workers why new rules are being implemented and how the rules will affect their daily routines. Don't just dictate rules and expect employees to follow them.
  • Don't treat accidents as isolated incidents. If an accident occurs, encourage employees to identify system failures rather than blame individuals and use the opportunity to create better systems in the future.

Source: Adapted from The Motivational Manager, February issue

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