Olympic stadium sports Sarnafil roof system

A roof system from Sarnafil Inc., Canton, Mass., has been installed on the Stadium of Peace and Friendship, which will house the volleyball, beach volleyball, tae kwon do and handball competitions during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

Located in the Faliro Coastal Zone Olympic Complex, the stadium, which holds 14,000 people, has a concave Sarnafil roof system. Although the roof system is sold only in Europe, it is similar to Sarnafil's thermoplastic single-ply EnergySmart roof system. The roof system is supported only by pillars at its perimeter. During the project, Sarnafil-trained technicians were on hand to assist the stadium's roofing workers.

A Sarnafil roof membrane also was used to cover the Salt Lake City Olympic Oval Speed Skating Arena for the 2002 Olympic Games.