Tackling technology

As a small-business owner, you most likely do not have a full-time information technology employee if you have one at all. And as a result, your website, electronic communications and data storage may be vulnerable to any number of technological snafus. Your systems are even more vulnerable during and after the holiday season when hackers seem to increase their activity.

According to, there are a few technological disasters in particular that smaller companies are poorly equipped to face.

One problem is website security. When Morristown, N.J.-based Internet marketing company's site was hacked and unreachable through search engines for 10 days, the company saw its web traffic go from 600 per day to zero and estimates it lost 30 leads and 20 percent of its revenue because of the downed site. spent $8,000 for tighter security and now is notified if its site goes down for more than 60 seconds.

A scarier issue is a server crashing, causing data to be irretrievable or lost. This happened to gourmet food shop Greene Grape, Brooklyn, N.Y. As a result of a downed server, the store was unable to look up the prices of its products, complete a sale or manage inventory. The company says it lost $4,000 in sales in a few hours. To safeguard itself from future breakdowns, Greene Grape created an app that allows point-of-sale purchases on an iPadĀ® so sales can continue if the server fails again.