Keeping workers safe

There is no shortage of serious issues in the roofing industry. Right now, the industry is grappling with a work force shortage, immigration reform and the emergence of green roof systems, to name a few. But there is another issue that is always important but frequently overlooked: safety and health.

This month, we dedicate Professional Roofing to safety and health issues facing roofing workers and offer two pullouts (see photos) focusing on summer health issues' symptoms, causes and treatments. The pullouts—one is in English and the other is in Spanish—will help your workers prepare for the peak summer roofing season.

Also, Chuck Scislo, NRCA's director of training, provides an in-depth look at how overexposure to noise can harm roofing workers in "Noise notice," page 24.

He writes: "Ten million Americans have suffered irreversible noise-induced hearing loss, and 30 million more are exposed to dangerous noise levels each day, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders."