A roofing representative

They told him he didn't raise enough money. They told him he wasn't getting enough exposure on television. They told him winning the House of Representatives seat for the 8th District of Wisconsin was a long shot. Well, none of that mattered.

Former NRCA President Reid Ribble, former roofing contractor and president of The Ribble Group, Kaukauna, Wis., not only handily beat his Democratic opponent and incumbent Steve Kagen, he beat him by a 10-point margin while being outspent 3 to 1.

"Nothing about this race was normal," Ribble says. "It wasn't at all what I expected."

Ribble says when he first began the campaign, he assumed he could speak to organizations such as local Kiwanis or Rotary clubs. However, such organizations typically are apolitical and shy away from inviting candidates to speak at their events. So Ribble started asking friends to host small gatherings at their homes.