Can you be Tradesperson of the Year?

Sometimes, a product becomes such a part of our lives, we substitute its brand name for what it actually is: Think Kleenex,® Dumpster® and WD-40.®

If you are like most roofing professionals, WD-40 has been integral to your work, and WD-40 Co., San Diego, now is looking to reward the tradespeople who use its product daily.

WD-40 Co. and Rebuilding TogetherNRCA's national charitable partner, are conducting a national search for the 2011 Tradesperson of the Year. The individual must be someone who gives back to the community, adds value to his or her skilled trade industry, is committed to helping others, and reflects the values of Rebuilding Together and WD-40 Co.

To me, it would be most fitting if a roofing professional were named Tradesperson of the Year. Roofing professionals are known for being giving and highly skilled, making them perfect candidates for such an honor.