Focusing on fasteners

Make informed decisions when selecting fasteners

Fasteners can be used with almost every roof system component and often play an important role in wind-uplift design. However, roof system designers sometimes expend a great deal of energy selecting a membrane and insulation and pay little attention to how roof system components will be attached. For a roof system to function correctly, proper fastening is critical.

Fastener basics

The following information applies to fasteners mentioned in The NRCA Roofing Manual. For simplicity's sake, I've divided fasteners into four categories: mechanical fasteners, screws, nails and staples.

Mechanical fasteners typically are classified by material composition, surfacing or coating, generic fastener type and size. Additional classification parameters may be required depending on specific fastener parameters. Examples of mechanical fasteners are toggle bolts, spreading fasteners, two-piece tube nails, locking-impact nails and self-locking fasteners.