For whom the bell tolls

Wagner Roofing restores the copper roof system on Capitol Hill Church

Capitol Hill Church in Washington, D.C., is home to a "Christ-centered, God-fearing, spirit-filled" Seventh-day Adventist congregation. Capitol Hill Church's mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with loving and open hearts. For this congregation, it's not about developing flashy materials, expensive advertising campaigns or an extravagant website. Instead of ministering on the basis of people coming to the church, its approach is to take the ministry to the people. The church wants to be known for its willingness to take the Gospel from within the walls of its building and positively affect the lives of everyone it contacts.

Built in 1909, Capitol Hill Church's roof had received minimal repairs during the past century. When leaks began to interrupt operations and services, the church selected Wagner Roofing Co., Hyattsville, Md., because of the company's 100 years' experience restoring copper roof systems.

From the ground up

Defining the scope of work was difficult because Wagner Roofing had limited access to the dome before scaffolding was erected. This unique job required scaffolding around two radius structures. The church has several gable roofs in the center of which is a dome. And in the center of the dome is a cupola. The gabled roofs are at the four-story level; the dome is above the gabled roofs; and the cupola is at the highest level.