Gauging the roofing industry

NRCA's latest market survey measures the roofing industry's success and what's to come

For many years, NRCA has conducted periodic market surveys to provide industry professionals with data to compare industry market statistics, trends and information. The 2012-13 NRCA Market Survey includes the latest information about overall sales volume trends, roofing experience and material usage, and regional breakdowns, along with sales of types of roof systems for low- and steep-slope new construction, reroofing, repair and maintenance work. This data can help predict what is to come in the industry and identify trends.


To gather the data for the market survey, NRCA mailed survey questionnaires to about 2,900 NRCA member roofing contractors at the end of 2011 to obtain data for experiences in 2012 and members' predictions for 2013. NRCA received 170 responses for a 6 percent response rate; the market survey should not be considered a statistically valid analysis of the U.S. roofing industry as it only is a summary of feedback from contractors with respect to sales volumes trends and the types of roof systems installed, repaired and maintained.

Not all questions were completed in each questionnaire, and some figures also were rounded, resulting in not every category totaling 100 percent. The data were collected from 10 U.S. regions: New England; Mid-Atlantic; South Atlantic; East North Central; East South Central; West North Central; West South Central; Mountain; Pacific; and Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico (see "Regional divisions," page 54).