Going Solar

The federal, state and local policies you need to know

Although the construction sector still feels the strain of the nation's recession, the solar industry continues to demonstrate its viability. The solar industry is booming: Panel costs are rapidly decreasing; more financing options are available; and smart policies are enticing businesses and homeowners across the U.S. to go solar.

In the same way technology improvements and financing innovations have opened the door for more homeowners and businesses to go solar, advances in installation practices have reduced installation costs and enabled more workers to join the solar industry.

It's no wonder The Solar Foundation's jobs census report, "National Solar Jobs Census 2011: A Review of the U.S. Solar Workforce," stated the solar industry surpassed 100,000 jobs in an otherwise down economy or that the Solar Energy Industries Association® (SEIA) reported 2011 was a record year for solar growth. Data from SEIA's quarterly U.S. Solar Market Insight™ reports reveal the industry more than doubled the number of installations from 2010 to 2011.

Despite some sensational headlines that seemingly indicate the U.S. solar industry has troubles ahead, the truth is it has shown significant growth nationally and in multiple localities.