Heading for the Hill

NRCA members travel to Washington, D.C., to advocate for reforms advantageous to the industry

This month, more than 100 NRCA members will travel to Washington, D.C., for NRCA's Fall Committee Meetings and Legislative Conference Oct. 17-20. The event will provide members opportunities to meet with their senators and representatives on Capitol Hill to advocate for NRCA's government affairs priorities, including regulatory reform, workforce development and tax reform.

Minimizing the regulatory burden

One key issue NRCA members will support is enacting legislation to provide relief from burdensome government regulations. As a result of proliferation of new regulations from the federal government, enactment of regulatory reform has been an NRCA priority for many years. Although the Trump administration generally is less aggressive in pursuing new regulations than the Obama administration, now is the time to reform the regulatory process so regulatory burdens can be minimized regardless of which party controls the executive branch.

Although numerous regulatory reform bills have been introduced in Congress, NRCA's primary focus is passage of the Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA) (H.R. 5). The RAA is designed to reform the process under which federal agencies develop regulations to minimize adverse effects on employers and the economy. The RAA would accomplish this by overhauling the Administrative Procedure Act, the federal law that governs the process by which agencies write regulations, which has not been updated for more than 70 years.