How would you roof this building?

Learn how NRCA technical committee members approach a fictional roof system

In July 2003, Professional Roofing asked various NRCA technical committee members to choose a roof system for a fictional building and explain their choices. The article generated significant interest, and Professional Roofing once again has asked NRCA technical committee members to approach a fictional building.

This year, the characteristics of the building are as follows:

  • The building is located within a 50-mile (80-km) radius of the contractor's main office.

  • It is a new construction project with open access.

  • The building is a high school that includes a field house, natatorium and auditorium.

  • The low-slope roof deck types are steel (main classroom areas and natatorium); cementitious wood fiber (field house); and lightweight insulating concrete (auditorium, shop classrooms). The steep-slope deck types are wood (offices and administration) and steel with vaulted skylights (cafeteria).

  • The roof coverings for the low-slope portion are open with no ballast and for the steep-slope portion are 40-year asphalt shingles or better, metal (individual or horizontal panels), synthetic slate or lightweight tile.

  • The deck areas for the low-slope portion vary from 40 squares (372 m²) to 300 squares (2787 m²) and for the steep-slope areas vary from 40 squares (372 m²) to 100 squares (929 m²).

Contractors were asked to explain their choices in the context of roof system performance attributes and the contractors' local geographic conditions, not necessarily lowest cost.