Ice dam busting

Eradicating ice dams begins below the roof deck

If you do business in areas where ice damming is a problem, take the opportunity to educate your customers about ice damming. You will enjoy better business relationships with well-informed customers because ice damming facts you offer now will help influence their expectations when winter returns.

Each winter, NRCA Technical Services staff answers a wide variety of questions from property owners, contractors, architects, consultants, journalists and bloggers about ice dams. Knowing the answers to key questions may help position you as an expert in winter roof system care. Following are a series of relevant questions that will help assemble a foundation for understanding ice damming.

What causes ice dams?

Ice dams affect roof systems in cold, snowy climates. Ice dam causes can be traced to ineffectively insulated or air-sealed ceilings and heavy snow cover. Placing a heating system inside a ventilated attic of a home in a cold, snowy climate effectively guarantees ice dams.