In the zone

The Suwon World Cup Stadium in South Korea features a TPO roof system

Hosting a major sporting event is a goal for any city. On Dec. 29, 1997, Suwon, South Korea, scored when it was chosen as one of 10 South Korean cities to host the 2002 FIFA World Cup™ Korea Japan (Japan co-hosted the event). Suwon fought to win the bid because it believed the games would help make it recognized internationally as a world-class city of culture.

To make the games successful and prepare Suwon for visitors, the city planned many construction projects and embarked on its largest investment project since being founded in the 18th century. Central to the project was constructing the Suwon World Cup Stadium. SAMSUNG Engineering Co. Ltd., Seoul, South Korea, was named the stadium's builder, and Hallim Precision, Seoul, was asked to submit a bid for the roof system. Holyoke, Mass.-based Stevens Roofing Systems, a longtime provider of roofing materials in Asian markets, was asked by Hallim Precision to help prepare specifications for the stadium.

Stevens Roofing Systems specified a light-colored TPO membrane roof system. Because Suwon officials wanted to address environmental and heat-reduction issues, Stevens Roofing Systems and Hallim Precision were chosen to install the 250,000-square-foot (22500-m²) roof system.