Insuring the future

Tecta Solar re-energizes Harleysville Mutual Insurance complex

Frustrated by the theft of several FordĀ® sedans, in 1915 Alvin Alderfer gathered the community's leading citizens at Tyson's Hotel in Harleysville, Pa., to discuss his idea of forming an association. Like the horse-theft societies area farmers had used for many years to spread risk among many, Alderfer proposed to form an association to protect their cars. Each member would contribute a small membership fee to a fund that would pay the costs of recovering or replacing any of the members' stolen cars. The first meeting was the beginning of what is now known as Harleysville Mutual Insurance Co.

Nearly 100 years later, Harleysville Mutual Insurance's territory has expanded far beyond the quiet Pennsylvania community that shares its name, but it maintains its headquarters in the same town where it all began.

Currently, Harleysville Mutual Insurance's network is represented by about 1,700 employees and 1,300 agencies in 32 states. It provides a variety of insurance-related products and services, including property, casualty and life insurance.

Continuing Alderfer's 1915 vision to protect its community, in 2008 Harleysville Mutual Insurance embarked on a journey to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. It began upgrading its headquarters' lighting and HVAC controls, and in 2009, the company installed an ice storage and air-conditioning system.