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NRCA’s training in India helps advance the roofing industry

During November 2015, NRCA staff embarked on another international training event—this time a 10-day journey in Mumbai, India, to deliver a roofing industry train-the-trainer program. The training program was commissioned by the Dr. Fixit Institute of Structural Protection and Rehabilitation (DFI-SPR), Mumbai, the waterproofing brand of Pidilite Industries Ltd., Mumbai, one of India's largest adhesive manufacturers.

During my trip, I saw firsthand how India currently is experiencing dynamic growth in construction and achieving success through its vision for achieving excellence in roof system application skills, increasing productivity and improving worker safety.

t A brief history

Many studies, such as those conducted by the Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service, have documented the trend in the U.S. through the latter half of the 20th century of its population migrating from rural agricultural communities to larger metropolitan cities in search of employment opportunities (see the figure). This trend increased demand for residential and commercial buildings and infrastructures, which, in turn, drove a need to improve how buildings are built by developing codes and standards, conducting research to develop better-performing building materials and modernizing construction methods while increasing the safety and productivity of the construction workforce.