It's a matter of trust

Are you building trust that closes sales or closes doors?

For many people, trust is absolute confidence in the honesty and reliability of another person. Trust can be difficult to gain, easy to lose and critical to your business' success. The more people trust you, the more they understand you have their best intentions in mind and the more they will buy your products and services.

Achieving trust is important for closing sales on your reroofing projects. When you meet with a homeowner to discuss a potential project and the relationship is new, trust must be established. For your customer, initiating a roofing project of any kind requires a high level of trust in someone they may not know. The person you're talking to could be making a $5,000, $10,000 or even $100,000 decision after spending just a few hours with you. It's similar to proposing marriage on a first date. Supreme trust in you and your abilities is the only way your customers will ever say "I do" and move forward. To help establish trust with your clients, there are several areas you can focus on to create the level of trust necessary to turn a potential customer into a client.

Building blocks of trust

The following 10 building blocks of trust can help you establish and build confidence with new clients. By building upon these, you should see your closing rates increase.