Lessons from the field

Roofing industry employees share why they joined and stay with their companies

These days, most conversations among roofing contractors end up, at some point, mentioning how difficult it is to find effective field employees. NRCA's Workforce Solutions Committee was charged with addressing the issue and determined the industry needed an overarching look at the existing workforce before it could determine why new recruits are so elusive.

The industry is filled with successful companies full of men and women who love their jobs, so following the old adage "success breeds success," in 2015, NRCA's Workforce Solutions Committee commissioned a survey of roofing employees to understand what compelled them to work for roofing companies and what keeps them there.

The survey

The survey was designed to be taken by field employees: superintendents, foremen, roof mechanics and laborers. The survey was emailed to 140 companies: 70 current and immediate-past NRCA board member contractors, and 70 randomly selected member contractors. Although survey respondents could have completed and returned the survey anonymously many companies chose to scan and email responses from their employees, so it was possible to identify a majority of participating companies. As a result, we know a majority of responses were from current NRCA board member companies.