Lessons from the rooftop

Roofing experts share the most common errors they witness

When a roof system doesn't provide the level of protection expected or things simply go wrong, a project is investigated and the problem's cause determined. Because roofs have been around since humans began constructing shelter, there is not much roofing experts have not seen, and it is disheartening to realize many problems could be avoided by not repeating the lessons we already have learned.

There have been many attempts to develop resources that educate roofing professionals about common problems and how designers, contractors and building owners can avoid them. Likewise, we have avenues where researchers, technical experts and others share data, experience, and the methods of their investigations and discoveries regarding issues in our industry.

These avenues include symposia, educational sessions, regional conferences and magazines.

One benefit of this type of cooperative spirit is the ability to seek guidance from a host of experts. Somewhere in our collective past, we learned helping others avoid problems or solve a particular problem is to our benefit and knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted.