Praise for recycling

I commend Elizabeth Hart, executive director of Green Roof info Think-tank, Portland, Ore., for writing "A recycling resurgence," which appeared in Professional Roofing's November 2017 issue. She is to be commended for her holistic treatment of the subject from the installation of long-lasting products, through maintaining them to maximize service lives and then recycling them when they no longer can perform adequately. It is an approach we fully support and have been promoting for decades.

Among the examples she highlights of how products and, specifically, PVC roof membranes can be recycled, she fails to mention what we believe to be the best, most comprehensive roof membrane recycling program: recycling pre-consumer and post-consumer PVC roofing sheets into new membranes. The new products containing recycled material then provide decades of performance in the field before they, too, will be recycled into new membranes, starting the cycle all over again.

Our first end-of-service-life recycling project occurred in 2005. The program has been featured in numerous symposium proceedings and trade journal articles, including "PVC recycling is now a reality" in Professional Roofing's December 2007 issue.