Edge metal article resounds with reader

Congratulations to Professional Roofing magazine and Lisa McIlvoy, special projects manager for W.P. Hickman, Asheville, N.C., for a well-written article. I subscribe to the notion of the proverbial chain being only as strong as its weakest link. That's probably why "Small components, big effects," November 2008 issue, page 36, spoke so clearly to me.

In her article, McIlvoy provides great background and textbook information about edge metal. As a former instructional designer for a single-ply manufacturer, I've developed methods for what I call "harnessing thought": taking knowledge and conveying it in a manner acceptable and appropriate to an intended audience. I feel McIlvoy accomplished just that.

The industry is just now beginning to leverage Internet technology as a viable means of delivering training. The crew members installing those seemingly miniscule components are the ones who will benefit most from articles such as this, NRCA University's Roofing 101 and other roofing-related online programs.