A former FM employee reacts

After reading "My observations of FM Global" in the December 2004 issue, page 23, it is clear Dick Baxter, president of CRS Inc., Monroe, N.C., is thoroughly frustrated with FM Global, its data sheets and Approval Guide. As a former FM Global employee, I dealt with similar frustrations on a regular basis.

I noted some statements and complaints in the article regarding FM Global data sheets and Approval Guide are not accurate. It appears Baxter's criticisms are based on his lack of knowledge of the documents. I agree they are difficult to follow but not impossible. The lack of guidance for base sheet attachment Baxter complains about is covered by Approval Guide listings as referenced in a data sheet.

I was shocked at Baxter's one-sided attack of FM Global's handling of two specific damage claims. An attack in an industry trade magazine on how a company handles its business is incomprehensible. My vast experience with FM Global is that it always has been fair and objective regarding handling of damage claims.