SPRI responds to NRCA's concerns with steel roof decks

NRCA Associate Executive Director Mark Graham's "Concerns with steel roof decks," January issue, page 12, is the subject of an industry issue SPRI has been working on for several years. The questions raised in the article officially became an industry concern when FM Approvals formally notified participants at the April 2013 Roofing Industry Coalition Meeting that it was revising FM Approvals requirements to include limitations on all steel roof deck assemblies as determined when using Steel Deck Institute (SDI) calculations. The limitations are not restricted to seam-fastened single-ply systems.

Although FM Global had not experienced any steel roof deck failures, it, along with FM Approvals, decided to combine steel roof deck design found in Chapter 22 of the International Building Code (IBC) and roof system design in IBC's Chapter 15 to help its customers better demonstrate compliance with the IBC.

Because of FM Approvals' changes, Miami-Dade County, Fla., was procedurally required to revise all National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration listings that had been based on approval reports issued by FM Approvals. As a result, these changes have attempted to transfer the responsibility of steel roof deck design from registered professional engineers to roofing material suppliers.