Clarification for Baxter's article

The one thing constant in the roofing industry is change—new product introductions and refinements and adjustments of existing products and systems occur daily. We at G-P Gypsum Corp. appreciate your publication's role in keeping the industry current about these changes.

The articles in your publication by Dick Baxter, president of CRS Inc., Monroe, N.C., always are informative and based on real job observations. In the January article, "Taking a closer look," page 32, Baxter writes about the improvements we made to our glass-mat roof board, Dens-Deck.® Because of the product's unique characteristics, which differ from other roof boards, your readers may want additional clarification regarding the issues Baxter raises.

First, G-P Gypsum markets Dens-Deck, as it has for more than 15 years, with either a silicone or nonsilicone core. Both cores fully meet ASTM C1177, "Standard Specification for Glass Mat Gypsum Substrate for Use as Sheathing," for moisture absorption. Both are patented and perform equally well. The marketplace can be assured that regardless of which core formulation it receives, Dens-Deck always will meet ASTM C1177 requirements and outperform any other roof board available in the widest variety of applications.