Reader disagrees with coatings article

Although I respect the good work done by NRCA and Professional Roofing, I found "Myth busting," April issue, page 36, by NRCA Director of Technical Services Maciek Rupar, discouraging.

Although being so negative in each (valid) point of consideration, Rupar misses entirely why there is so much interest in and use of coatings. The reasons for interest include enhancing roof system service life, reducing energy and heat loads, reducing waste and bringing roofing professionals into long-term service relationships with clients.

We have extensive experience with coating asphalt mineral-granulated roof coverings, polymer-modified bitumen, asphalt cap sheets and asphalt shingles. The trade's reaction to such efforts about 40 years ago was vehement, vitriolic and ignorant. We literally were called "communist" because we found coated roofs appeared to have indefinitely extended service lives, which went against those "entitled" to replace roofs every seven to 10 years.