Clarifying ventilation

After reading the article "Focus on ventilation," by Dan Perkins, owner of Dan Perkins Construction Inc., Ishpeming, Mich., in the May issue, page 40, I felt it was necessary to address various inaccuracies.

In the third paragraph, Perkins directs readers to Section R806 of the 2003 International Residential Code for the ventilation standard. The article states, "For roof areas over heated or conditioned spaces, a net-free area of 1 square foot per 150 square feet of ceiling area is required."

Nowhere in Section R806 does it state the ventilation requirements are for areas over heated or conditioned spaces.

Section 806.1 states: "Ventilation required. Enclosed attics and enclosed rafter spaces formed where ceilings are applied directly to the underside of roof rafters shall have cross ventilation for each separate space by ventilating openings protected against the entrance of rain or snow."