Readers point out oversight

I find it sadly ironic that several photos depicting less than stellar fall protection are featured in the same issue of Professional Roofing as "Getting serious about fall protection," by NRCA Executive Vice President Bill Good, August issue, page 78. "Turning green" on page 48 mentions the contractor, Murton Roofing, Miami, a Tecta America company, used "various safety precautions, including fall-protection measures such as perimeter warning lines and a safety monitor," but no evidence of those is apparent in the photos. Furthermore, a load of plant material is shown swinging over workers who are wearing only baseball caps for protection.

If the fall protection for the job is compliant but not visible, either better pictures should have been used or some explanation about the fall-protection plan should have been provided.

As Good states, if we don't get serious about fall protection, others will get serious about it for us.

Alex Hernandez
Clark Roofing Co.
Broadview, Ill.