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Reader comments about SFBC

I take exception to Thomas L. Smith's, president of TLSmith Consulting Inc., Rockton, Ill., comments in "Hurricane Andrew—10 years later," August issue, page 34. Smith states Hurricane Andrew proved "SFBC's [South Florida Building Code's] wind-load requirements for building envelopes were grossly inadequate." Having been involved in the design and construction of commercial and organizational buildings throughout Florida from 1956-96, particularly from the Florida Keys to Palm Beach, my company designed [buildings] according to the Miami and Dade County codes before the adoption of SFBC. To my knowledge, we did not lose one building. [Hurricane Andrew's] disaster was a result of failure in design and construction.

In 1958, we completed a cottage on the Atlantic waterfront of Plantation Key. When Hurricane Donna hit, the only damage was some scarred furniture. Clothing in the closets was not even mussed. The owners were ecstatic. Similar construction in the Keys was totaled.