Mad about metal

A look at steep-slope metal shingle and shingle panel products

Steep-slope metal roofing arguably is one of the fastest-growing segments of the roofing market, especially in the residential arena. Homeowners are looking to metal roof covering products for aesthetics and long-term service life.

As with all roof coverings, metal roof systems used for steep-slope applications must comply with applicable building codes. Many areas in the U.S. have adopted the International Building Code (IBC). Following are details regarding the installation, types and properties of metal shingles and shingle panels.


The 2006 edition of IBC divides metal roofing into two categories—metal roof panels and metal roof shingles. A metal roof panel is an interlocking metal sheet with a minimum installed weather exposure of 3 square feet; a metal roof shingle has weather exposure of less than 3 square feet.