Making contact

When it comes to surface preparation, the surface with the most contact points wins

Being smart about applying a roof coating is the responsibility of the coating applicator in the field. This may be blunt, but the applicator is the last line of defense to make sure a surface is ready before a coating is applied to it.

In nearly 20 years of formulating coatings, I have experienced or read about instances where an angry contractor has called a manufacturer wondering why a coating is not adhering to the surface. The fact is: The coating is sticking exactly how it is supposed to on the surface to which it was applied. Unfortunately, what is beneath a coating may not be suitable to promote the necessary adhesion to keep it in place, resulting in unwanted headaches, angry telephone calls and future problems.

A properly adhered coating begins with a properly prepared surface. All the formulating, testing, field trials, etc., are of minimal use if the substrate is not treated with the same care and attention paid to applying the new coating.

It's about contact points