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Turning work into play

You may have heard that work was given its name because it is not play. But does that mean work can't be fun? Alan Gregerman, a business consultant and author of Lessons from the Sandbox, says having fun at work actually can make you more productive. Try these steps for including playtime in your workday:

  • Keep a "fun" log. Choose one week to write down each instance you and your employees laugh and have fun at work. Determine the daily "fun" average and decide whether it is time to add more fun to your workday.

  • Study children. When you are around children, watch how they interact. Gregerman says children can teach lessons in enthusiasm, curiosity, leadership, teamwork and others. Determine how their methods of play can apply to your workday.

  • Set aside 15 minutes. Each day, allot 15 minutes for fun. Spend that time singing, blowing bubbles, flying paper airplanes or doing anything that makes you laugh.

Source: Adapted from Lessons from the Sandbox, as cited in The Working Communicator, June 2001 issue.

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