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Selecting a cellular telephone service

Like radios, cellular telephones require towers to provide the best reception. Predicting how well a cellular telephone will work in the areas you frequently travel can be difficult. Consider the following tips for selecting a cellular telephone service and avoiding annoying dead spots and dropped calls:

  • Study a coverage map. Check a carrier's Web site or brochure for a map that details a service's coverage area. Look for your hometown or towns to which you frequently travel.
  • Check customer satisfaction. Cellular telephone customer satisfaction surveys are available on Westlake Village, Calif.-based J.D. Power and Associates' Web site,, and In addition, ask friends and colleagues about their cellular telephone services.
  • Test a service. Some cellular telephone services' contracts offer a 72-hour buyer's remorse clause that allows you to cancel the service if you are not satisfied. During those 72 hours, test your telephone's reception in your house and office and while driving.

Source: Adapted from Time's Web site, as cited in First Draft, October 2002 issue.